Pease Story

I founded Pease in 2016 because I couldn't stand bulky minimalist jewelry with flashy gold tones that irritated my ears anymore.

I wanted ultralight, durable, and comfortable jewelry that I could wear all the time because I'm too busy (and forgetful) to constantly change them.

In 2021, I decided to leave my Ph.D. in psychology to invest full time in my business and offer other busy women the freedom to wear elegance without hassle or discomfort.

- Catherine



Larger designs have never appealed to me. What attracts me is the pure and simple beauty of a piece of jewelry.

Anyway, my cheerful and energetic personality has always had enough impact on its own. I don't need anything else to express myself, my voice takes care of that. 😛

I place great importance on the feedback from my customers with whom I love to interact. They are brilliant, determined, and way too funny women. Plus, they also have great ideas for jewelry. 🙂

Oh, and I have a 3-year-old boy who loves black licorice.

Coordinator. The one who manages.


I draw my strength from my organization skills, as well as my determination to find solutions to every problem. Bring on the challenges, I'm not afraid!

In addition to taking great pleasure in carefully packaging each order, I enjoy answering customers' questions to provide them with outstanding support.

A mother of two children, I spend my free time reading, riding motorcycles, and drinking bubble tea.