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On this delicate ring, "Relaxe" is inscribed, serving as a reminder to take a moment to relax and unwind.

As the letters are only legible up close, the ring appears to be simply textured, but you know its significance.

It's a unique, powerful, and personal gift to give to yourself or to the people you hold dear.


  • Material: 14k gold-filled or 925 silver; More infos.
  • Ring thickness : thin (1 mm). larger model.
  • Handstamped letters.
  • Additional information
    • Water resistant. 
    • Ultralight and non-bulky.
    • Stackable. 

    The ring's soldering has been plated with 14k gold for a more beautiful finish. Slight discoloration at the joint (at the back) may appear over time, but the rest of the ring remains intact.
    Get inspired!

    Want something else stamped on your ring? Shop pre-stamped rings with our most popular messages, or create your own message.

  • Je t'aime
  • Fuck this shit
  • Relaxe
  • Fuck off
  • Let it be
  • Here are some great ideas from our customers.

    Fuck it, Go home.
    - Sandy: my father's badass last words.

    - Marylène: a beautiful memory of my dog who left a big void.

    It's okay
    - Emerson: When I'm nervous, I look at my little message, and it calms me. 

    How about you? Which words bring you comfort?
  • A private pessage between your family or friends.
  • The name of your children.
  • An important date (mourning, birth, etc.).
  • A motivating phrase.

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