Plain stress ring

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14k Rose gold filled
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We all know that feeling of being on edge or stressed out. It's a moment in time when you feel tense, worried, or short-tempered. When you're feeling like this, this elegant ring is the perfect companion to help you get back to your zen! Plus, you are doing it in style.

• Material: 14k gold filled or 925 silver. Learn more
• Ring thickness: 1 mm.
• Beads size: 3 mm.

ⓘ The solder joint of the ring has been gold plated for more uniformity. A slightly visible seam may appear with time, but the rest of the ring remain intact.

ⓘ The beads take about 1 size point off the ring, so a 6 US size ring will feel like a 5 US size ring. The tighter the size, the more the beads hold in place.

C’est un outil puissant de « gestion de soi » avec des parties mobiles que tu bouges au gré de ton humeur.   

Disons que ça remplace le rongement des ongles, le grugeage de bouchon de crayon ou encore le branlage de jambes.

En bonus, tu es accessoirisée fabuleusement. ✧.*

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